Winged Ballet Shoes From Adidas

It seems that   Adidas, or in this case Jeremy Scott’s infatuation with the design of the shoe with wings accent. Some of the works of Jeremy Scott for Adidas many accents adorned with wings. Adidas shoe designer pet is never out of ideas with the wings. After Adidas shoes adorned with a cute teddy bear, we see the design taking wing accents. Will it work as good as before?

We recognize as one of the manufacturers Adidas shoes that are marketed throughout the world. Adidas shoes are usually issued a product that is comfortable to wear for sports, you must have never felt the comfort of Adidas products that accompany your exercise time. It turned out not only that, Adidas also issued several shoe designs are deliberately not devoted to sports. One of these winged ballerina shoes.

Details of the wing

This time, Adidas and Jeremy Scott designed a shoe specifically for women. Because these shoes flat ballerina shoes, and indeed similar, WomanKapanlagi team immediately thought of the film BLACK SWAN, starring Natalie Portman. Black color on the shoe complete with wings as if to remind the figure of the black swan in the film.

In the winged shoes, Jeremy Scott gave a very good detail on the wings shoe located on the back of the shoe. In one part there is a pair of shoes are also black wings. In order not to bore with a black color only, there is polka-dotted green, pink, yellow and blue on the ballerina shoes.

Adidas gives a price of $ 203 for a pair of black shoes of this unique. Not yet known when these shoes will be launched or certainty whether it will be marketed in Indonesia or only sold through Internet sites. How do you think? Is the black-winged ballerina shoes are quite interesting?. do you like this???

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