Throughout Life, Women Can Buy 3109 Item for Appearance

True to say that women are creatures who love shopping. Whatever their preferred items such as must-have. As a result, revenues would often run out to meet the needs of a factor than desire.

A survey conducted in the UK Women Sure, most women are over-fulfill desires in matters of appearance. Start of clothes, accessories, bags, and so on. The survey found, a woman can buy as many as 3109 items of goods in a lifetime. This figure consists of some 271 pairs of shoes, dresses 185, and 145 bags. This suggests, women cukuppeduli feyen abreast of ever-changing.

Meanwhile, the shoe is the kind of stuff that most spend. Therefore, women can spend 13 898 pounds or more than $ 208 million in a lifetime purchase for menyukupi shoes. Then, followed by buying a dress for 7699 pounds, 5420 pounds bags, jeans and clothing made from 5905 pound sterling.

As quoted by the Times of India, on the whole, women can spend £ 83 498 to buy clothes in her life. About 60 percent of them used for the purposes of dress in the evening.

“Women never seem to have enough clothes. (They are) many feel pressure to compete with the ever-changing fashion and this means they always buy something new, “said spokesman Sure Women, Julie Spearman, told the Mirror.

And, to buy all these clothes knacks, 14 percent of women buy clandestinely from her partner. There is one in 10 women in one week to change clothes after work, with new clothes bought.

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