Cosmetics Cause Acne

Cosmetics that contain alcohol, oil, lanolin, synthetic comedogenic, and shimmer trigger acne.

The appearance of acne, not solely because of hormonal factors, diet or hygiene faces unguarded. But also because of the use or selection of a cosmetic product that is not right.

So, how to use or any kind of cosmetic products that can trigger the appearance of acne? The following explanation.

1. Avoid lotions and sunscreens containing synthetic Lanolin, which is highly comedogenic substances (triggers or cause blackheads).

2. Use hair gel, hair spray and other styling products to taste and try not to hit the face. Why? Because these hair care products contain alcohol and oils, which can meicu acne. Do not forget to cover your face when using the product.

3. Avoid scented lotions or scented creams and creams, as it can cause skin allergies and acne.

4. Use eye creams sparingly, only when absolutely necessary. Creams are generally thicker than regular moisturizers. Many or frequent use of eye creams can trigger acne.

5. Avoid or minimize use of glossy lipstick and lip balm. Both of these cosmetic products have comedogenic substances concentrations higher than regular lipstick.

6. Use loose powder eye shadow and the minimum, because it is generally thicker than powder and comedogenic. Both types of cosmetics are also causes of acne.

7. Avoid eye shadow containing shimmer. Mica particles in it can cause blockage of the pores of your face.

8. Avoid using cosmetic products that have expired.

9. Avoid using scented soaps to wash your face. Use a mild facial cleanser or face wash at least 2-3 times a day to keep the face clean. Do not scrub your face too strong, because it will cause irritation and infection that trigger acne.

10. Avoid doing facials using heavy cream, because it will lead to irritation and infection that causes acne.

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