Prada: Italian Lost the glamor

Plans to hold the next show in Paris, not in Italy.

Famous designer Miuccia Prada began to lose keglamorannya feel Italian, he wanted to hold the next fashion show in Paris or Milan.

Head of the fashion house Prada Italy fashion fear being “second league” and worried foreign investors will start buying luxury brands of the country.

“With the increasing number of Italian luxury brands are sold to outsiders, the whole system we are starting to fall into the second league,” Prada said in an interview with Italian newspaper, La Repubblica.

Explained again by Prada, when the Italian brands have come out of the country, then praise, glamor, fame, and the final decision in the hands of others, “It will make us the least and lower ranks.”

63-year-old woman commented after the sale of luxury brands from Italy, Valentino into a family from Qatar to the price of 476 billion pounds.

Miuccia believes that her country unsurpassed for the production of fashion, but he argues, the reputation of labeling “Made in Italy” is no longer sufficient to sustain the country’s fashion industry.

He also voiced concern about the increasing number of luxury labels that stand in Italy began to leave the country. Departing from the fact that he chose to act out the latest collection of his label Miu Miu in Paris, France.

“I’m looking attraction called glamor,” he said.

Fashion, he says, is always looking for the best.

Grandchildren beginner label Prada, Mario Prada, the Italian media is to blame for the problems facing the country’s fashion. According to him, local media are not quite supporting the Italian fashion industry.

In the observation Prada, the Italian media to see the fashion industry by way of reckless and do not see how big the job and the money earned from this industry.

“We live in a world of culture is weak, we are a country that never wanted to or not known to protect and promote the great landscapes and artistic legacy,” he added.

Women with a PhD in political science is concerned, outsiders see Italy as a country with scarce resources, culture, the protagonist, ideas, vitality, and money.

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